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Sun & Moon

bloum ф bloume ; bloüme ; bloûm ; blum n.m.

¶ Chapeau haut de forme, ou chapeau melon

Maison Bloum Sun & Moon collection combines experimentation and timelessness. Taking inspiration from the classic men's wardrobe, it plays spontaneously with details, colors and materials. The collection was created as a patchwork of different influences, both traditional and contemporary, opposing soft autumn tones to bright and contrasted colors; natural materials with abstract landscape and jungle patterns. Without confusing simplicity and easiness, Maison Bloum reminds us that uniqueness can unfold in a single detail. 



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Estelle Poulalion
Graphic Design
Michaël Sok
ClémYlva Falk

Maison Bloum was established in 2013 by Laurence Leclerc and Violeta Bloom. Crafted with their four hands, the duo’s collection of upscale hats is designed and made exclusively in France.

A stylist and designer by training, Laurence cut her teeth at such fashion houses as Lanvin and Balenciaga. Her work is a reflection of honed excellence and French savoir-faire.

Born into a family of artists, Violeta Bloom first pursued a career in fashion following studies in literature and a subsequent tenure as a stylist at the Anne Hash studio. These experiences in the world of fashion shaped Violeta’s fascination with fine materials, androgynous cuts and glamour.

In 2009, Violeta co-founded the brand Is Not Dead. Serving as Artistic Director, she oversaw the expression of her creativity and creations via photography, video and clothing.

At Maison Bloum, music such as Deborah Harry (Blondie) and her electric disco reverberate between the fashion studio walls. For Laurence and Violeta, the western psychedelic sounds of Fiona Walden and the likes of La Femme’s synthetic and hypnotic beats resonate, lending texture to Maison Bloum’s ambiance and imagery.

Miroslav Tichý photographs awaken the sensibility and exacerbated sensuality of his subjects, and fuel the two designers’ creative musings.

Maison Bloum boasts an admiration for the timelessness of Gabrielle Chanel, a legend due to her remote, mysterious personality who, alongside all other fashions, successfully imposed her own unique and enduring style.

“Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but of vulgarity.” – Coco Chanel

The Bloum woman and man interpret their lives as an artist would, mastering and cultivating the art of one’s own poetry. The prints from the collection reflect their nature – marble and glass for Winter 15. Not only that, the originality of their actions and of their gestures are a source of emotion, sentiment, reflection and spirituality.

Maison Bloum is a rocker’s attitude, the look of glamor, a French elegance. Bloum hats inspire delicacy, distinction, refinement and an offset etiquette. They clothe the part of the body in which the soul resides.

"Creating a timeless design is challenging but the key is always simplicity" -Gales Taylor